Affordable Sales and Service in Canton, GA


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Precision Motorcars services all makes & models of European automobiles. Do you want to save money and have it done right the first time? We utilize the latest computerized technology to diagnose service issues. Our Certified technicians have over 40 combined years experience specifically in European cars. From brake repair and oil changes to engine or transmission rebuilds, our Certified Technicians can do it all.

CALL 770-345-5535 TODAY for a better car tomorrow.

Precision Motorcars is located on Highway 20 just east of Canton.   Our friendly staff have experience in all the latest diagnostic techniques and repair procedures for your BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Saab, VolksWagen, Porsche, Jaguar, Mini, Land Rover and other fine autos.


4 Responses to “Service”

  1. mike mcneill


    I have a 92 volvo 240 dl wagon that i want to fix up and would like to know how much it would cost to have ot looked over to see what needs to be done?

    • atlantadetailer

      Thanks for the comment. I have sent you an email. Feel free to stop by or call John @ 770-345-5535.

  2. jason davis

    Im doing a s50 swap into an e36 325i sedan, ive dealt with you before and trust your work…is it ok that the 325i donor car was an auto and I have the manual s50 and want it to be a 5 speed? Thanks John

    • atlantadetailer

      It will work just gonna have some parts to swap like pedals clutch master cylinder, driveshaft… Also the diff gear is gonna be way short.


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