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Our passion for quality motorcars will shine in every aspect of your restoration process: leaving you with the showstopping one of a kind car you've always wanted. Let Precision Motorcars be your medium in which the car of your dreams is built. Contact us about your restoration, look through our gallery of previous works, or come in and see our show room and talk to us about your restoration.

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"Restomod" (restoration + modern parts/technology) draws from all the technological advancements in automobiles over the past 40+ years to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of a classic car. A restomod-ed car has the famous appearance of the original, but the mechanical aspects of the vehicle have been replaced with the more modern, high-performance parts of today. You achieve the same great look, but your vintage car will be a faster, more reliable, cheaper to maintain masterpiece: many enthusiasts prefer restomodding over a full restoration.